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September 2010

My vacation is over

Sep 23th by Peter Hallberg

It's a strange thing that doing nothing
can result in getting more done

For the first time in 5 years (probably more) I've been forced to take a vacation with my wife and two of our really good friends. I hate vacations. They are supposed to make you relax and have fun, but I really like my work and my daily routines. When I'm on vacation I get restless and can't stop thinking of all the good thing I could have achieved being at work instead. It's not that I don't like spending time with people I care about, but it's the nagging feeling that doing nothing is pretty far from optimal.

Anyway, this year I was under quite a lot of pressure and decided to go along with the idea of going to Cyprus where we had rented a car and a nice house with private swimming pool. It was located in the south eastern corner of Cyprus near Protaras. The island is divided in two parts. The northern part which was invaded by Turkey in 1974 and the southern part. We were living not far from the border on the southern side. This time of year the weather is great. It not too hot during the daytime and it can actually get a little chilly at night.

We decided that the first priority of the vacation was to relax. No plans, no computer and no TV. Of course I equipped myself with 'Talent is overrated' and 'Easy Game II' along with a backgammon project I could spend unlimited hours on. Call it fear of wasting valuable seconds of your life. I already wasted enough years on other stuff. This was definitely going to be as relaxed as possible. Only like 30 hours of work in one week.

The single most tilting thing about going away is all the traveling. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Of course we missed our connecting flight at Wienna and had to spend a night there without our bags. A few beers and a bottle of champagne at the bar in our nice hotel did the trick and the good mood was restored. This was the only thing that went wrong. Nothing else. That it.

We arrived at our house late afternoon the next day and we decided to jump in the pool and chill out with beer and drinks. Well, I didn't jump in because I can't swim and I get anxious around water. I decided that I would wait one more day before trying to drown myself.

27 degrees in the shadow at noon will make everyone run for the pool regardless their resentment for too much water gathered in one place. I got in the pool at the low end and grabbed a hold on some floating devices. Yes, just like kids. Watch out, the giant baby is coming. It felt great and I spent 3 hours in the pool that day. I gained some confidence over the next few days and ended up trying to swim with a great deal of success! Gratz to me.

The area we were living in were the most turisted place I've ever seen. One good consequence of that is all the good different restaurants close to where we lived. Basically we tried to avoid all the places where teenagers went into a craze parting like there were no tomorrow. So, this is how it's like to become older.

Even though we had no plans we ended up driving to all kinds of places for sightseeing which I enjoyed quite a lot. The temperature during daytime made you exhausted even doing almost nothing. I got some time to relax in the shadow with my books and cold beers.

At the end out the week I had done all the work except the backgammon project without feeling I had worked at all. Walking into my apartment back in Copenhagen I felt rejuvenated and ready to take on new challenges. I will try to put myself in a better position to get more out of what I got.

In the next blog I'll present some concrete ideas and plans for my future.

Till then - take care.

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